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Nano-Tech Flooring—A Step In the Right Direction

Founded in 2017, GoodGrip is a family-owned business out of northwestern Texas that specializes in Nano-Tech Floor Treatments. Nano-Tech proprietary solution was developed for the sole purpose of facilitating a safer environment, and improving quality of life for your employees and your family.

Floor Safety

Did you know that slip and fall accidents are one of the leading causes of injury and death in the home? Unnerving as that may be, Good Grip and its Certified Nano-Grip® Technicians have the expertise to set your mind at ease.


We can treat most areas in and outside your home including kitchen floors, hallways, bath tubs, showers, and pool decks, among others.


Businesses that have employees, and open themselves up to the public, are under a legal obligation to maintain reasonably safe premises for the protection of their customers and employees.

Good Grip uses the non-slip surface solution to do the following:
⦁ Protect your loved ones from traumatic injury (slipping, falling, colliding)
⦁ Create a safer, surefooted surface for employees and customers
⦁ Save business owners hard-earned money on insurance premiums and claims
⦁ Offer a less expensive, higher-caliber non-slip solution than traditional methods
⦁ Enhance safety and general peace of mind throughout your home and business

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Nano-Tech Flooring—A Step In the Right Direction

GoodGrip's singular floor treatment is not a spray or coating that can wear off, but rather a chemical process that creates a tread-like design on the mineral surface itself, all without altering the beauty of your flooring. Our products are quick and easy to apply. Nano-Grip non-slip floor treatment will not discolor or change the look of your floor, tile, tub, or shower.

Did you know that slip and fall accidents are one of the leading causes of injury and death in the home? Unnerving as that may be, Good Grip and its Certified Nano-Grip® Technicians have the expertise to set your mind at ease.

We can treat most areas in and outside your home including kitchen floors, hallways, bath tubs, showers, and pool decks, among others.

Homes with children or elderly members of the family will find GoodGrip to be absolutely indispensible. Others are inclined to think of themselves as being invulnerable to misfortune. The numbers, unfortunately, do not bear this assumption out.

According to the National Floor Safety Institute your family is at high risk from serious, even deadly, slip and fall accidents. Below are some sobering statistics:

⦁ Half of all accidental deaths in the home are caused by a fall.
⦁ Over 8 million emergency room visits are a direct consequence of falls. Slips and falls account for over 1 million visits, or 12% of total falls.
⦁ For people from 65 to 84, falls are the second leading cause of injury-related death. For those aged 85 years or older, falls are the leading cause of injury-related death.

Call GoodGrip for a free consultation and measurement. Utilizing the same testing process as OSHA, our digital meter will read the static coefficient of friction (SCOF) of your floors. We can make your floors "Safer Wet Than Dry."


Businesses that have employees, and open themselves up to the public, are under a legal obligation to maintain reasonably safe premises for the protection of their customers and employees.

But exactly what does that mean? What constitutes a "reasonably safe premises?"

As any lawyer will tell you, there are a multitude of meanings. One area that's well agreed upon, however, is the need to take preventative measures. Safeguarding your establishment's flooring ranks high on a business owner's list of legal responsibilities.

When a slip and fall accident does occur the business may be liable for injuries if it can be shown that the slip and fall occurred due to unsafe conditions on the property. The business's responsibility for compensating an employee or customer who slipped and fell depends on the specific facts of the particular accident. For example, slip and fall accidents due to wet or slippery floors are relatively common and lead to millions of dollars in settlements, attorneys fees, fines, loss of production, higher workers comp, and liability insurance premiums.

Who can Benefit?

According to the National Safety Council there are over 9 million disabling slip and fall injuries every year. Hospitals, medical facilities, nursing homes, restaurants, office buildings, banks, malls, spas, pool decks, garages, country clubs, and public buildings are among the numerous facilities that need to have our Nano-Tech solution applied.

Good Grip will make sure your floors meet OSHA Compliance Standards. Additionally, businesses will qualify for reduced insurance rates and tax benefits in exchange for their compliance.

More than simply keeping you free from harm, Good Grip appreciates how cherished our mobility, independence, and general quality of life is to each of us. To that end, it is an honor and a privlege to serve the county of Lubbock and the residents of Hub City!

It's gratifying to know our services preserve this way of life for our customers.

Call us to schedule a free floor safety audit.

Second only to motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents account for 15% of all accidental deaths in the United States. It's not hard to see that slip and fall accidents can be extremely serious, whether you're at work, home, or anywhere else.

 Accidents involving slips, trips and falls send 9 million people to the hospital each year and are a leading cause of workers’ compensation claims, costing an average of $22,800 per accident. 95 million workdays per year are lost due to slip-and-fall injuries?

Don't wait until you are faced with a costly slip and fall lawsuit.  We will test your floors for OSHA Compliance and review your floor safety measures for free.  If needed, we can treat your floors in a timely, cost effective manner to bring them into OSHA compliance.  We will also show you how your business may qualify for an IRS ADA Tax Credit up to $5,000.


Nano-Zyme is a revolutionary daily floor cleaner for commercial kitchens. Nano-Zyme’s surfactants will improve your kitchens appearance immediately, and its enzymes will continue to work around the Clock. Nano-Zyme is formulated with patented enzymes that devour oils and greases left behind by other floor cleaners. It reverses grout build up and keeps mops fresh and odor free by
eliminating grease build up. Pouring used mop water down your floor drain will keep drain clear and reduce fruit flies by eliminating their food source. Concentrated formula, use 4 to 6 ounces per gallon of water used. This kitchen grease eliminator is an important part of the Nano-Grip Floor Safety System.

Nano-Active is a revolutionary enzymatic digestive odor eliminator for commercial kitchens, bathrooms, dumpsters and more. Nano-Actve is a safe, natural product that will save you money while improving your facility's cleanliness, sanitation and appearance. Billions of patented enzymatic colonies devour grease, organic matter, urine and protein around the clock. Simply spray or pour on the target area and forget about it. Non-pathogenic bacteria create enzymes, digest and remove the food source, and then die when it has been consumed.

Freequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to have my floors treated?

To prevent injuries from slip/fall accidents as well as costly fines and litigation.

What type of floors can be treated with Nano-Grip?

The Nano-Grip process is effective on all mineral surfaces; ceramic or porcelain tiles, marble, travertine, concrete, river rock and more

How much does it cost?

Costs vary depending on the situation but generally run between .85 and $2.50 per foot.

How long does the treatment last?

The treatment is covered by a 2 year warrantee for commercial applications but residential tubs can be expected to be slip resistant for life.

Does this treatment guarantee that I won't have a slip & fall accident?

We do not guarantee that no one will ever fall on a treated floor but we do guarantee that your floor will meet or exceeds Gov’t and industry standards for a “safe walking surface”

Why do you say that the treatment makes it "Safer than Wet"?

Our treatment changes the surface in such a way that when exposed to water the floor is actually measurably less slippery when it’s wet than in its dry state.

Can I buy the product and do it myself?

No. Nano-Grip is only available to licensed applicators.

Why do I need your aftercare products?

Many floors do not need any special treatment in order to maintain their slip resistance but certain environments such as kitchens require products which eliminate grease and prevent a buildup which would degrade our treatment.

How are they different from our regular cleaners?

They have been specifically designed and tested to be more effective against grease and oil.

How long does it take to treat my floor or bathtub?

A tub or shower will take 15 minutes or so. Most residential jobs are completed in less than 3 hours.

How long before I can walk on the floor or use the tub?

The surface is ready for use immediately, there is no cure time.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, typically 2 years.

What types of businesses can benefit from a Nano-Grip treatment?

Virtually all types of businesses can benefit from a Nano-Grip Floor Treatment.

Does the treatment change the way the floor or bathtub look or feel?

There is no discernible change in the look or dry feel of your floor or tub. When wet the surface becomes aggressively nonslip.

Will having my floors treated affect my insurance rate?

Upon receipt of your 2 year warrantee documenting your new slip resistant SCOF numbers you should have your insurance agent fax the document to underwriting for reclassification and adjustment.

I've owned my business for many years and never had a slip and fall accident. Why should I worry about it?

If you stay in business long enough statistics indicate that it is inevitable that someone will suffer a slip and fall at some point. The problem is universal across all business types.

Does my business qualify for the ADA Tax Credit?

If it meets the IRS requirements of a “small business” it will qualify. Speak with your accountant or visit the IRS website and review IRS form # 8826 for definitions.

How can I tell if my floor is treatable?

Your licensed Nano-Grip applicator will be able to determine if your floor can be treated.

Will your treatment dull my shiny floor?

Properly applied, the treatment does not cause a noticeable reduction in shine.

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You guys are awesome. I know the folks in your area are going to love the much-needed floor safety services you bring to town.”

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Make homes safer to protect your loved ones from slip and falls.

Create a safer walking surface for employees and customers.

Save business owners money on insurance premiums and claims.

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Call us to schedule a free floor safety audit. Unlike a tax audit, the test is painlessly completed in less than 10 minutes, and we can tell you immediately if your floors meet OSHA Floor Safety Standards.

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