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About Us

Nano-Tech Flooring—A Step In the Right Direction

GoodGripTX was founded in 2017 by Kevin & Cyndi Wisdom.

Once an auto mechanic and cosmetologist respectively, the two are now Certified Nano-Grip® Technicians. Both have undergone extensive training in OSHA Floor Safety Compliance for businesses and residential floor safety guidelines.

With nearly 50 years of collective professional experience, we first conceived of Good Grip after encountering firsthand what a slip and fall can do to an otherwise healthy, productive person. Having witnessed the painful, lasting consequences, we also saw what experts have affirmed en masse: the majority of accidents, and the injuries that ensue, are in fact preventable.
We resolved to do something about it.

Naturally enough, it occurred to us that there was an unmistakable need to champion a better, more cost-effective way to safely secure your home as well as your workplace. We began to research the options and GoodGripTX was born.

We value the importance of safety and work to exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.

Nano-Tech Flooring—invisible, ultra effective, long-lasting—is certainly a step in the right direction!

Good Grip uses the non-slip surface solution to do the following:
⦁ Protect your loved ones from pain, injury, and trauma (slipping, falling, colliding)
⦁ Create a safer, surefooted surface for employees and customers
⦁ Save business owners hard-earned money on insurance premiums and claims
⦁ Offer a less expensive, higher-caliber non-slip solution than traditional mats
⦁ Enhance safety and general peace of mind throughout your home and business

More than simply keeping you free from harm, Good Grip appreciates how cherished our mobility, independence, and general quality of life is to each of us. To that end, it is an honor and a privlege to serve the county of Lubbock and the residents of Hub City!
It’s gratifying to know our services preserve this way of life for our customers.
Call us to schedule a free floor safety audit.

Floor Safety

Did you know that slip and fall accidents are one of the leading causes of injury and death in the home? Unnerving as that may be, Good Grip and its Certified Nano-Grip® Technicians have the expertise to set your mind at ease.


We can treat most areas in and outside your home including kitchen floors, hallways, bath tubs, showers, and pool decks, among others.


Businesses that have employees, and open themselves up to the public, are under a legal obligation to maintain reasonably safe premises for the protection of their customers and employees.

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Kevin and Cyndi Wisdom – Owner/Operator
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Kevin and Cyndi is passionate about their community and local business development.

Kevin and Cyndi

Kevin and Cyndi


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Call us to schedule a free floor safety audit. Unlike a tax audit, the test is painlessly completed in less than 10 minutes, and we can tell you immediately if your floors meet OSHA Floor Safety Standards.

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